Week One: Beginnings

Week Two: Close Up

Week Three: Feet On the Ground

Week Four: Preparation

Week Five: Words

Week Six: Shadows

Week Seven: From Me to You

Week Eight: Through a Door or Window

Week Nine: Black and White

Week Ten: Upside Down

Week Eleven: Around the House

Week Twelve: On Ground Level

Week Thirteen: 8PM

Week Fourteen: Lomo Camera

Week Fifteen: Numbers

Week Sixteen: Not Centered

Week Seventeen: Colors

Week Eighteen: Doors

Week Nineteen: Up

Week Twenty: Get In the Photo

Week Twenty-one: Where I Live

Week Twenty-two: My Pet’s Perspective

Week Twenty-three: A Pair

Week Twenty-four: Lines

Week Twenty-five: Something I Made

Week Twenty-six: Panoramic

Week Twenty-seven: Eat!

Week Twenty-eight: Dear Photograph

Week Twenty-nine: Summer

Week Thirty: Flowers

Week Thirty-one: Eyes Closed

Week Thirty-two: Repetition

Week Thirty-three: Hands


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