Karin’s Reflections on the First Month

31 Jan

Monthly Mosaic: Karin’s January

I started out this month really excited and motivated to take pictures, and it’s a month later and I still feel the same way. I finished my last 365 project last spring, and after a while I realized I wasn’t really taking many pictures anymore, and I was sad. Yes, taking a photo every day for a year takes effort, but it’s totally worth it. I started seeing the everyday things in my life differently and those simple things became more meaningful to me. This is why I decided to do this project again. It gives me a new perspective and challenge and it’s really rewarding.

I appreciate the themes this time around. They are inspiring but not always very easy. “Beginnings” was my favorite theme, and “Preparation” my least favorite, and they were both my ideas! Sometimes things sound better when you say them than they actually are when you do them. Ha! I also love seeing the contrast between the photos Jen and I take- flip-flops vs. boots, sun vs. snow, javelina vs. ice fishing! Doing this project with someone else is a great experience and a great motivator as well. It wouldn’t be this good on my own, which brings me to my next idea.

Jen and I would like to invite you all to join us. You can participate as much as you want- do project 365, or just take a photo once a week, or even just one photo. If you’d like to join in on a theme, take your photo and share it with us! Come back and link your photo to one of our posts that week, and later in the week we’d like to share these photos on our blog. There’s no commitment involved, just link your photo if you’d like to. We would LOVE to see your take on the theme! We don’t care if you’re a stranger, a long lost acquaintance, or someone related to us, we wanna see your photos!

We also would love any suggestions on themes you think would be interesting to see us try. We’ve got 5 down, so that means there are 47 more themes ahead!

As Jen said, we are thankful for your encouragement and comments. We’re excited to be doing this project. Thanks for being a part of it!



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