Jen’s Reflections on the First Month

31 Jan

Monthly Mosaic: Jen’s January

If the next 11 months are anything like this first one – This year is going to go ridiculously quick. I think we have done enough posts so far that I can make a fair comparison to the last 365 project I did. This one is easier.

I took a more relaxed – take a picture as I feel inclined or inspired last year, but there would be some days where I did the same thing I had done the day before with no variation. Those are the days I didn’t take a photo (there were 30 days total that I missed the whole year. I figure if you’re totally uninspired 30 days out of 365, you’re life isn’t so dull). But this time, I have a goal and a purpose every day – I can “make” the photo happen. Sometimes the random or inspirational photo will happen that just so fits into our theme (which is always exciting!) but I am not bound by waiting for something photo worthy to happen.

I think my favorite theme this month has been the “Close up” photos. It seems to be my style, I like getting close to things and maybe providing a new view point someone would have never thought of or seen before. The hardest theme was “Preparation”. My mind kept taking me back to preparing dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks – I knew the last thing I wanted to remember about this year would be what I ate every day (not to mention I only had one good idea and I used it up on the first day!) 🙂

Another thing I look forward to every day is seeing Karin’s photo! We never talk about what photo we are taking that day or how we are going to interpret the theme to any extent, so its SUPER exciting when we post to see how ours are alike and how ours are different. 🙂

A BIG thanks to everyone who has commented and followed us along so far. I know we both *love* getting comments and feedback! Please let us know if you have any ideas for themes or if you want to join in!

❤ Jen


2 Responses to “Jen’s Reflections on the First Month”

  1. shelleydlm January 31, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

    you guys have had a great photography month! I liked your project so much I added you to my blog roll and saw you already had clicks to your site! good luck friend!

    • Jen January 31, 2012 at 11:37 pm #

      Shelley! Thank you so much!!! That’s so awesome of you 🙂

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