On hold, at least for now

24 Sep

Hi All!

Sorry about the lack of posting. As of now, I’m not up to continuing the blog alone, but you can see my photos on my Flickr page here:


Thanks for understanding!



Day 230

17 Aug

Theme: Hands


Karin – Minneapolis, MN

Tomorrow I am 26 weeks. I’m finally starting to get somewhat of a noticeable bump, probably now that baby girl is inching closer to 2 lbs. This has been a pretty easy pregnancy so far besides all the hard work and extra doctor appointments because of my Type 1 Diabetes. I’m just now starting to feel pretty pregnant!

Day 229

16 Aug

Theme: Hands


Karin – Minneapolis, MN

Taking Cash for a walk on this lovely cool evening.

Day 228

15 Aug

Theme: Hands


Karin – Minneapolis, MN

Dinner at Brasa with Kian and Eddie! It was delicious and a great time. What a nice evening!

Day 227

14 Aug

Theme: Hands


Karin – Golden Valley, MN

My hand on the steering wheel, stopped at the light.

Day 226

13 Aug

Theme: Hands


Karin – Brooklyn Center, MN

Zenobia feeding baby JJ, his tiny hand holding on to hers!

Day 225

12 Aug

Theme: Hands


Karin – Minneapolis, MN

Cash giving Trevor high five! It’s his favorite trick.